Monday, January 15, 2018

Transition 2018

It is not a question of IF rather its a question of WHEN. Today we are getting closer and closer to the transition that will catapult the world we live in into something completely different. Changes are happening behind the scenes that are monumental in its scope.

If you recall in the bible there were prophecies pertaining to the end times. End times refers to the end of the age and not the end of the physical world. An age is about 26,000 years of revolution as our solar system takes a trip around the Milky Way galaxy. A one complete trip is called an AGE. And we know that the previous age ended last December 21, 2012. And according to the Prime Creator the beginning of the New Age or the current Age we are presently in now was configured to January 20, 2014. Although much of the contents of the prophecies of the past have been cancelled and therefore will not happen in the future but some of its essential outlines of events are still to take effect. Such as the case with the prophesied Ten Toes in the Old Testament. The equivalent of the Ten Toes of the Old Testament was the Ten Kings of the book of Revelation. Both of these prophecies were given thousands of years ago. But during the intervening period between then and the future something happened that dynamically changes the future. And so, even though their prophecies of the past was expected to occur sometime in the future but it can be ALTERED by events that happened along the way.

The Galactics have revealed that the prophecies of the bible were given by the Annunakis. Which means the Dark Ones have the means to see the future not by crystal ball kind of technique but by a technology. Both the Light and Dark forces are capable of quickly visiting the future, including the past. But there are Galactic Police that patrols the past and future to ensure that there will be no significant alterations can be done in either the past or the future as there will be serious consequences if it is allowed. Take for example, some of the ships (UFOs) of the Pleiadians are capable of traveling to the past and or the future. They are allowed to visit the past or the future for a set of time like a few minutes only. And there will be guardians of time there who will remind them that they should not stay for an extended period of time as they are only allowed for a brief visit.

Annunakis direct influence in the middle east was also evidently seen from the visions of Ezekiel. What Ezekiel saw was one of the alien contingents of the Annunakis when not cloaked. The wheel within a wheel was one of the UFO ships of the Annunakis that was seen by Ezekiel. It turns out that some of the Annunakis ETs that was seen by the Hebrew man named Ezekiel have a feet that resembles similar with the animals. If you remember Yahweh forbid the Israelites from eating certain animals with such kind of hoof in their foot. And some of the species of these Annunakis have actually similar feet with the animals on Earth and that maybe why Yahweh forbid them to eat certain animals from the basis of their feet because some of the Annunaki specie have a similar feature on their feet.

Now going back to the Ten Toes. The visions that were given to Daniel did not came from Heaven and neither from the Galactics. And this is very important for us to understand especially for those who are very religious. I came from Seventhday Adventist and we take bible prophecies seriously. It is time for us to understand that there were two forces at play and almost always competing with each other as their agendas are completely opposites each others plan and activities. The group that gave information of the future to Daniel was the bad guys referring to the Annunakis. Meaning, the Annunaki faction of the Ancient Cabal have the capability in the past to see the future. 

Thousands and thousands of years ago they were already capable of seeing the future because they have the means to see and visit the future through technology. And that is something that the average Jew or Hebrew was NOT aware of. They thought that every miracle performed that are supernatural which cannot be explained by our current knowledge and technology could be just a miracle from God and therefore understood with a slight vagueness around it clouded with mystery. But the point is clear today, that the Annunakis which was part of the Global Cabal Invaders were here since ancient times on a goal to conquer the world and deceived the whole world. But they are not the only players in the world scene. They are competing against the forces of Light. And when I say forces of Light, it refers to the galactic Federation of Light from which much of the people of this world came from. The human race on its totality literally came from various parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. And in this Galaxy there is a Federation, a group that is committed to Love and Light and they are called the Galactic Federation of Planets (and of Light). The word LIGHT is emphasized to stress the activity of Love as only love and respect for others is what constitute light. Anything that is contrary to this principle is called Darkness or also known as Evil. And of course, the beings who are aligned to the dark agenda are the Dark Ones and they are the ones who invaded the Earth long before the recorded events as told in the book of Genesis.

Annunakis are NOT members of the Galactic Federation of Light. And this is why the Annunakis activities down to the centuries and millennias were focused mainly on deceptions. They think that if they can deceive humanity then it will make their goals much easier as people becomes subservient or willing servants/slaves and easy to control with if they are fundamentally deceived.

Now going back to the prophecies given by the Annunakis that we read in the bible. The details of those prophecies have been altered. The forces of Light have triumphed against the Dark Ones. And some of the details that demonstrate the changes is the Ten Toes or Ten Kings. These were prophesied thousands of years ago that there will be a group of powerful beings in the End Time called as Ten Toes (in the old Testament) mentioned in the vision about Nebuchadnezzar of a gigantic statue made of several precious and semi-precious metals. The feet of this statue was made of Iron mixed with clay. The Iron refers to the Roman Empire and the Clay refers to the minions of the Annunaki-Cabal. Another few thousands years later confirmed once again by the book of Revelation expressed in the detail of Ten Kings or Ten Rulers that were formed directly by the Dark Forces not aligned with the Forces of Light or the GFL. These Ten Rulers were to rule the world just before the end the age and slightly after the end. From the vision of Nebuchadnezzars statue there were supposed to be a rock or stone that was not made by human hands that were to arrive on Earth that will smash the statue of Nebuchadnezzar to pieces. It is now confirmed by the Galactic Federation of Light that the vision of the future regarding the image of the ancient Babylonian leader was given by the Annunakis to the Hebrew people and not by Heaven and neither from GFL. The Hebrews basically have no idea whatsoever that the visions and prophecies that they were receiving came from the bad guys and not from the good ones. Some of the prophecies or words of God in the Old Testament given by certain prophets were given by the Light (aligned with Heaven) and the Galactic Federation but some of the words or messages did not come from the Light. And so thousands of years ago, the Israelites as basically during that time the world society was very much on its infancy stage and were still unable to DISCERN what is true from the false messages or the so called words of god that they have been regularly receiving from various sources. But the point is clear there were two competing sources of messages: One from the Light and the other is from the Dark who have a dark/evil agenda. The Light means it is from the GFL and Heaven. While those of the Dark are from the invaders of the Earth such as the Annunakis and the Reptilians.

What did the Forces of Light did in Order to Alter the Trajectory Outcome of the Future?

First QUANTITY matters! The immensity of the amount of the beings that were sent to the surface of the Earth was massive. All the participating members of the GFL sent in their people who incarnated on the surface of the world by the billions. And today, that is the amount of people who were born into this world. The amount of people worldwide who are producing the vibrations of the LIGHT is altering the circumstances of the future. Although they saw the future projections based on their current trajectory at the time. But it can be altered significantly by the events that happened along the way between now and the intended future. Although the GFL took a backseat from intervening from the world affairs but they will be back and be active right after the end of the age. In which they did. Since the end of the Age on 2012, the GFL were actively operating in the world scene even if it is was against the forces of the Dark. Prior to the year 2012 they cannot openly intervene into the word scene but only on a limited scale. The best they could do is to transport large amount of beings from the future to be assigned to key areas of the world. These are the so called 144,000 beings from the future. The Dark Ones edited the contents of the bible, but the 144k beings actually refers to the delegation set by Heaven and the GFL that will be born into this world that will contend, contest and challenge the evil work of the Dark Ones. Initially, the 144,000 beings are just preliminaries. After them there were more beings who came from allover the members of the GFL who were sent here on Earth and was born as humans.

This however was detected by the Dark Ones. They realized decades ago that the future was being altered by the presence of the Lightworkers on earth even though the end of the age has not arrived yet. And the counter measures that the evil ones formulated was to create World War III just to annihilate the masses of people that were born into this world. Second, they planned genocides by other means such as through diseases, drugs/vaccines and etc. These are the main reasons why for several decades the Secret Societies of the world concentrated their efforts to secret activities of pedophilia and child sacrifices, sex slaves in order to stop or at least reduce those GFL incarnates from coming into this world. They did these things in order to scare and stop the arrival of the incarnated galactics that were sent on Earth as humans. But the Galactics sent the best people here on Earth. Those who could stand against all odds, who can live in love and light despite the fact that they were held back by society and economic condition. They also detected that some of the officers and soldiers serving in the US Military are actually incarnates from the GFL. And in order to do something about it, they brought these soldiers into action and engage in false war scenario and eventually being hit by friendly fire. There were so many of these soldiers died not because of the actual threat of the war but instead it was a staged incident fabricated to eliminate the members of the incarnated GFL serving in the US Military. But those officers who were serving in the Higher ranks of the military, the GFL have to step up in providing added protection to the lives of these officials to secure the advancement of the Light against the Dark agenda amongst the military.

And because of the presence of the many lightworkers on the planet it altered the course of the world. That instead of the world being plunge helplessly to the control of the Dark Ones the circumstances of the world turned in favor of the Forces of the Light. This means the majority of the prophecies of both the Old and New Testament about the end time scenario will no longer be needed. Which means the prophecies about the beast, mark of the beast on foreheads, plagues, two witnesses and so on and so forth will no longer have to happen. It is like it has been cancelled. And this is due partly to the vibrations of the Light that are steadily increasing in favor of the GFL and Heaven.

Did you know that the thoughts of humanity as a collective has a profound effect to the overall frequencies of the planet? If the thoughts/hearts of most of the people of the world are vibrating negatively by being lost in a dreamy fancy world of religious belief system, while suffering in anguish, lack, poverty and various diseases. This creates tumultuous fluctuations to the planetary vibrations which directly affect the weather of the world which also contribute to the development of storm in addition to the controlled weather situation. This was revealed by the Galactics that the weather of the world can be affected by the combined vibrations of the collective human thoughts on the planet. This is because humans are also Gods and Goddesses which currently is in human form. The Combined Collective Mind/Thoughts of humanity can literally CREATE anything they desire as long as it is of positive outcome. The power of humanity is NULLIFIED by various psychological deceptions that instead of being free to express their own Godhood they were enslaved to worship and serve another god due to religion.

The combined thoughts of humanity also affects the thoughts of wild animals. This was revealed by the people of Hollow Earth. They mentioned this because we on the surface of the world are into eating animals as food. But that is not the case inside the hollowed interior of the planet; they do not eat animals there, they treat them with respect. And since because we allow the sufferings, slaughters of animals as an act violence on them then we who are the dominant Creator-Thoughts in the world affects the psyche of the wild animals as well. Have you ever felt like you could sense or feel what the thoughts and emotions are with the person on the same room with you even though that person did not say a word? I remember so well when I used to work on a office and this secretary was so mad and angry with someone she knew and I can literally feel her anger across the room even though theres a complete silence on the room. I found out later she have had a major conflict or argument with her husband and her emotions was boiling. This is one of the instance of the UNSEEN vibrational energy of the human thoughts/emotions emanating from the heart/mind of people. Even though we cannot see it but it can be felt and sensed that its around us. Imagine this vibrational thoughts on a global scale. It does can affect a gloomy mood for the weather of the world as human thoughts can affect the molecules of water as well as the active psyche of wild animals. It creates a nudging effect on them making them to think it is okay to kill, eat other animals and be violent. Because the dominant thoughts of humanity are into violent thoughts and the effects of that extends through the mentality of the wild animals as they can sense the prevailing human thoughts.

But the Galactics through the Prophet Isaiah when they showed him through visions of what the world will be like way, way into the future. When the humans finally get their act straight, realized that they are Gods and Goddesses and no longer exercise disrespect to the animal creatures then it will eventually affect the mind of the animals as well. And this is what Isaiah said, And the lamb shall lie peacefully dwell with the lion, the leopard will lie down with the kid. Human thoughts from a collective standpoint can either be volatile showing a lot of violent fluctuations or become peaceful moving through a positive territory. Human thoughts therefore should be free from control and deceptions and at the same time should be managed by every individuals themselves because it is very important that human thoughts are creating actively producing only positive thoughts such as joy, peace, respect for others, harmony and love.

So what happened to the Prophecies in the End-Time about the Ten Toes and Ten Kings?

Instead of ten it actually became thirteen. And this thirteen rulers are represented by the thirteen families today who are direct descendants of the ancient Annunaki Cabal who arrived in ancient Sumeria and developed Babylon. It does not refers to kings or presidents/prime ministers but actually bloodlined dynastic families who secretly control the central banks and private banks of the west and the rest of the world. These thirteen families also control the governments of the world as literally government officials including Presidents/Prime Ministers are only puppets that they installed. And so, their prophecies in the past are correct but the accuracy have been significantly affected by the actions of the Forces of Light who are actively engaging with the people of the world today.

Much of the Bible Prophecies Pertaining to the End-Time will no longer Happen

Today the people of the world are realizing that the world they lived in is actually a highly controlled world society secretly managed by the Secret Societies in which today are composed of thirteen families. The majority of the leaders of the world are installed puppets of the Annunaki Cabal who also incarnated amongst their minions. And incarnation simply means a TRANSFER of a soul of a person into another body either a human baby in the womb or a grown man or woman which can either be a clone or not. And that is what they have been doing for ages. This is why our knowledge and science are controlled so that the world society are under their control. They want the people of the world to be miserable living from paycheck to pay check just trying to make ends meet, or live in abject poverty and or stricken with various diseases. And in order for the world to never discover the truth they infiltrated the worlds educational system to make sure it is teaching only things they wanted you to know. They made us believe that we are alone in the universe when in fact all of humanity came from various regions of the galaxy and beyond. They made us eat animals, and edited our genes/DNA so that we live a very short lifespan. All the while they formed religion to confuse the people of the world.

What will Happen in the near future between Today and Ten Years from Now?

1.) The powers of the Thirteen Families of the Ancient Banking Dynastic Families will have to be significantly reduced. The GFL along with Heaven (New Jerusalem) are doing their best to do this very thing. As of now, the CONTROL of the Worlds Monetary System have already CHANGED hands. Its no longer controlled by the 13 families. The Forces of Light have installed massive amounts of people allover the world who were born into this world to counter the movements of the Ancient Cabal who controlled the world through puppet governments. This means there are now people in various governments of the world who are there that are actually GFL incarnates who are challenging the system and activities of the Cabal. They saturated the entire world by installing people that are aligned with the Light. One good example of this is President Trump and Pope Francis. On the surface, it appears as though they are just part of the Dark Ones but in reality they are working for the Light. The same is true with the previous president Obama. 

Although he was from CIA controlled family but his soul or spirit was embedded by the GFL to infiltrate the Cabal and be a leader or president of the USA. Former President Obama was actually operating a double agent role. And later on, the world will find out that some of his actions actually served to further the work and missions of the Light that with out him it would have been difficult to achieve the other way around. The company of Heaven are tasked to influence the activities or decision making of the Pope. Today, because of the Pope the control of the Vatican Bank is now in the hands of the Light or GFL under the supervision of the great ascended Master St. Germain. There are so many people of the world who find it hard to believe that the Vatican who are basically controlled by the Dark Ones are now in the control of the Light at least the Pope but not the entire organization. The GFL are protecting the life of the Pope. There are cloaked beings who cannot be seen as they are invisible who are protecting him so that the Dark ones cannot interfere with the missions of the Light. The Vatican Bank is now under the ownership of St. Germain. President Trump on the otherhand is Draining the Swamp. He appears to be as though he is just one of the minions of the Cabal but he is actually helping, assisting in reducing the power and capabilities of the Global Cabal Group. With the help of President Trump it paves the way for the arrest of the thousands of minions of the cabal scattered allover the US. They are being sent to Guantanamo military detention in Cuba. And in addition to this by the order of the President they are already freezing the assets and accounts of these minions not just in the US but also around the world. And these things are happening though not reported openly by the mainstream media because of suppression or cover up as they (MSM) are owned by the Cabal. But overall, progress are being made behind the scenes.

2.) Since there was already a change in the management and authority of who controls the worlds finances including the production and issuance of money and currencies, there will be a Global Currency Reset. What does this means? It means every currency of every nations of the world will have to revalue and reflect the TRUE value of its money based on tangible assets as well as the productivity/GDP of every nation. Because of the Cabal they literally controlled the worlds finances including the printing/issuance of money and the actual exchange rates of every currency of the world. Because of them most of the currencies in the world are actually FIAT. Meaning, the value printed on paper are just based on illusion. And yet when someone tries to print these fiat currencies using their own equipment they get arrested right away for piracy. The printing of currencies of the world are done by a secretly installed privately owned CENTRAL BANKS worldwide. And they installed obedient puppets to manned the operation and not let the truth come out in the open.This means the EURO, US DOLLAR, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Yen, and etc. are all FIAT produced by secretly controlled privately owned central banks around the world by the thirteen families of the Secret Annunaki Cabal and their Reptilian allies. You see we live in a world that are highly controlled and we did not even know it. Which means there are truths that we thought we know are truth but are actually just LIES. And so, there will be a Global Currency Reset that will revalue the currencies of the world into their true value. Today, this valuation of monetary system are handled by a central monitoring system based out of Asia. When the official announcement of this global reset is made then the currencies of the world will change to reflect the true exchange rates.

3.) For Example, the FIAT Euro and US Dollar will become EXTINCT. In other words, it will be decommissioned as the FIAT printing and production of the Central Banks are now considered ILLEGAL. This means the ECB of EU and the US Federal Reserve will be under arrest if they continue printing the illegal fiat currencies. The US will transition from USD into USN or United States Notes. Initially, this will be issued DIGITALLY and it is backed by precious metals such as gold. The USD will be replaced by USN with 1:1 parity meaning you can exchange 1 USD with 1 USN.  All USD in the world will be collected and be converted to USN.  It is already projected in China that the USN will have an exchange rate of 1 USN equivalent to 40 IQN. The IQN is the transitioned digital currency of Iraq from IQD (Iraqi Dinar). As all of the worlds currency will revalue and reset to a new monetary system. Those nations who are part of the new system will reflect the new value and new exchange rates. This time though the entire management will transition from the unfair Cabal controlled monetary system into a FAIR system overseen by the GFL manned by their people on the ground. The same thing with the Euro currency, it will be phased out. The European Union can still maintain their economic and social unity but their currency have to transition to the new monetary system based out of Asia away from the Cabal dominated Europe. This means each member country of the European Union will REINSTATE their own countries currencies. The Francs, Deutcshmarks, Lira and etc. will have to be used once again to transition into the new monetary system. Each countries currencies must be ressurrected or reissued for calibration to reflect the actual value of the money based on their actual tangible assets that are true and not based on fairy tale fantasy illusion based of value. It is time to transition to a more fair and true verifiable system of monetary policies. Whereas with the existing system which is now being phased out the entire system are entirely rigged and riddled with unlimited lies and cover up.

4.) Eventually, the US Republic will be officially announced. This will bring down the entire Washington DC that is actually a privately owned corporation. And this is another transition that will happen sometime this year. I haven't heard of the actual new value of every currencies of the member nations of the EU with the new monetary system. But eventually it will be released and be made known as most of the nations of the world already know their new revalued rates. And this is still in a digital format and not yet the printed form. The printed form will eventually be released but for the meantime a digital format is as good as the printed ones in order to avoid piracy. This means if you still own currencies like Lira or Franc and etc. these currencies will be revalued at a new rate and can be exchanged to a new value.

5.) The Expected Global Currency Reset will take place by either March or April this year. But the RV is a separate issue. This is a gift of Heaven and the GFL to the Lightworkers on the ground. And this might happen on a much earlier time frame than the GCR. The RV is also important as it will nudge the GCR along the way. As I said this RV is only for the genuine lightworkers who are in this world. The GFL is issuing this via the Chinese Elders who are thousands of years old.

So far these are some of the changes that will surely happen into the world beginning in this time of the year. As I said, it is not a matter of IF but rather it is a matter of WHEN. That time can either be soon, or a few more weeks down the road. But rest assured the Forces of Light are more stronger than the Dark Ones. It is indeed true that QUANTITY matters. On a global Scale the Dark Ones are completely outnumbered. The GFL or the galactic Federation of Light is already inside the Earths atmosphere, although most of them are cloaked. Slowly but surely things are moving however subtle it can be. It is moving in the right direction. As the power of Light and Love is greater than the power of Darkness (evil).

Monday, January 8, 2018

Updates About Plans after the RV this Year

I have recently refined the plans I would like to do after the RV sometime this year. It will be a combination of humanitarian projects as well as businesses that will promote better awareness about the world we live in.  The brand, design and concepts are already laid out.

These are:

1.) Hollow Earth Arctic Cruise
This will be a tour company that will help bring people of the surface world into hollow earth.  There will be two major locations; one in Alaska and another one in Greenland.  Each of these locations will have hotels to accommodate those arriving from around the worldPeople can book their trip online and tour guides will pick them up from the airport.  There will be a day or two of orientation seminar that will inform visitors of what to expect when they visit the hollow earth.  Buffet that will be served are all vegetarian meals.  And animal meat are strictly prohibited, this is our way of observing respect for the people of hollow earth who do not eat or consume animals as food.  And that is something they have been doing as vegetarians/vegans for thousands and thousands of years.  This includes visiting peoples from other parts of the galaxies who are also vegetarians.  There are spaceports inside hollow earth and we will meet the visiting galactics also.

2.) Hollow Earth Supermarket
I will be doing a barter trade with the people of hollow and inner earth.  And I will setup supermarkets in many parts of the world to make this produce (both fruits and vegetables) available to the surface world. This chain of supermarkets will offer these fruits and vegetables at a very affordable price.  In fact, bulk of these will also be given at no cost to poor communities of the world.  Take note, these produce are all gigantic in size.  President Trump describes it better: "It's YUGE!"  An apple in hollow earth is as big or bigger than the pumpkin we have here on the surface.  The trees there are six to eight times taller/larger than the tallest trees we have on our mountains.

3.) Lemurian Vegetarian Restaurant
Since there will be so many gigantic size fruits and vegetables, there should be a restaurant that will cook and serve vegetarian meals.  This will promote a vegetarian lifestyle which is healthier than meat eating style.  I will be employing a lot of people and I will give emphasis to those who are poor and homeless.

4.) Lemurian Pictures
I will also be starting a film and animation studio.  One of the first movies i will make:  Friends from the Pleiades and Lemuria.

Lemuria will be about the time before the Earth was covered by ocean water. 

And the Friends from the Pleaides movie will be about a young lady named Cambreia Hill from southern Oregon who visited her grandma in Siskiyou area near Mount Shasta, California.  And while driving her Jeep Wrangler, the Pleiadians introduced themselves to her.  Eventually they allowed her inside their ship and gave her a trip of a lifetime.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Message from Mikos of Hollow Earth through Dianne Robbins - January 2018

I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos inside the Hollow Earth. Know that in the Hollow Earth there is more land mass than there is water. We have less islands, and more continental area. Our land masses have not broken up as yours have. Ours have been held together by our balanced thoughts and feelings and we have had no cataclysms to break them apart and no continental drifts such as occur on the surface. Everything remains intact here, which is part of our immortality syndrome, so to speak.

The continents are big pieces of land connected to each other so that we all have easy access to travel back and forth between continents. We have made these continent connectors ourselves. They are called ‘crossways’ or strips of land that we use to cross over continents. This way, we all stay connected, which is the heart of evolution.

Separation of continents separates hearts and spirits. Scattered islands reflect scattered thoughts. We are all of one thought and one spirit here, and our land-masses reflect this containment.

Our water is deep, shimmering blue, and our land is deep shimmering green, lush with growth. It is perpetually light here, and everything glows, even our skin.

Lemuria was one big land mass, and so was Atlantis before the destruction.

In the Hollow Earth, we don't have "new" years...we have one perpetual year that lasts forever...~ Mikos January, 2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Answers to the Questions for the New Year 2018

I would like to answer the questions of Gionorella of Italy and Edina of Eastern Europe as to why it has not happened yet up to this time. 


It’s already 2018 and I know that there are questions as to what happened to the plan of Galactic Disclosure including the RV for the public with the release of the 800 numbers before the end of the year 2017?  First of all, the so called Whales have already exchanged.  Exchanges have taken place in some parts of the US, Canada and Switzerland.  As you may have already know that the full release of the RV is withheld.  It can be describe like the pushing of a button: it can be pressed indicating go time but it can also be paused.  In the past, they did this strategy of on and off mode to help create the sting operation against the bad guys. But now  that is not whats causing the slight pause.  Prime Creator and the SOURCE wanted to slow it down a little bit more in order to allow some more people of the world to AWAKEN from the slumber of illusion that we in this world live in. 

The certainty and reality of the exchanges is true as it already happened.  The Galactics and the Company of Heaven including the Prime Creator and the SOURCE wanted to wait and see what those people who were already given the blessings to see what they will do with it.  Will they share it to those less fortunate?  Will they hoard it all for themselves?  Will they forget about their promise for a humanitarian activities?  These are some of the questions they wanted to test and see what the reaction they will do.  You see it is very easy to push the button and allow the complete release of the RV.  But they needed to test the waters first and dip their toes to gauge the temperature before launching to dive into the open sea or beach (so to speak).  At the same time they are allowing the reduction of the strength and capabilities of the bad guys so that the threat they pose is no longer an issue as it was before.  Will the waters be chilly or lukewarm? Is the Energy of the Light working its way, permeating all the parts of the waters to create an acceptable condition to indicate its readiness?  But rest assured that this is not gonna take forever, eventually it will be released to the public, we just have to be patient.

With regards to the Galactic Disclosure.  It was also postponed due to the divine detection that there are still a lot of people in the world who are still asleep.  In other words, it is like most of the worlds populace are still actively inside the dream caused by religious belief system and tradition.  It is the religious belief system that psychologically enslaved people of the world into thinking that they are not gods and goddesses.  The meaning of the word GOD goes beyond what we were told by religion.  The secret rulers of this world used religion as a tool for deception causing people to be asleep from the truth.  The truth is each and every one of us is classified as a GOD.  A God is capable of creation through thought as thought is the Creator.  On the otherhand, animals cannot engage in advance thought processes.  At their level of spiritual evolution they cannot as of yet conceive, perceive and visualize creative mental activities.  But maybe after several hundred years or a thousand years those souls/spirits who are currently assigned to an animal body will eventually be given their own chance to advance to the stage or levels of the human race by being assigned to a human body, like we do today.  Because the truth is we all journeyed for thousands of years of spiritual evolution been assigned to various animal bodies until it was fitting for us to be assigned to the level of humanity.  

Humans are a Creators Race.  We are all capable of creations through thought.  We are all part of the Source and of the Creator.  God therefore cannot be attributed to only just one person.  It was just a delusion, deception and a scam to think that God is only one person/individual.  Instead, God is in each and everyone of us; just as every part or branch of an electricity is conduitly connected to a larger body of electrode which is the main called as THE SOURCE.  The Source is what empowers the entire Universe.  And the Source is brimming with a massive eternal thought activities which make the appearance of matter possible.  Human thoughts does not reside in the brain, it is actually centered at the heart.  The brain is only a vault, a storage library to store knowledge and memories.  But the mind, the intelligence activities take place in the heart in conjunction with the heart/mind of the spirit.  The pumping motion of the physical heart is synched with the etheric energies of the human soul or spirit.  In other words, the main energies that makes life possible for the entire human body is the spirit of the person that is assigned to a physical body.  Which is why when the spirit is removed from the body then the body starts to decompose as the etheric energy source have been separated from the body.  The Soul/Spirit which is non-material is the driving force of the physical body.  It acts like an engine as well as the perpetual energy and motion generator that makes physical life of a living thing possible.  It is the one that makes every atoms and sub-atomic particles to move in a default motion. This etheric energy spirit is also breathing in and out, creating a perpetual motion or cycles of vibration and it is synchronized with the beating of the physical heart and the intake of oxygen – breathing in and exhaling of the lungs.  Our physical eyes were not designed to see and observe these etheric energies of the spirit.  

It is now time to be open minded that our present understanding of science is lacking this vital knowledge.  The vibration of this spiritual etheric energy is what creates light.  That is why a being can be called as a lightworker as that person maintains and manages his own soul/spirit in order to produce vibrant light.  Thousands of people worldwide who experienced near death experience (NDE) saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  When the Soul/Spirit leaves the body at separation it passes through a narrow canal of the pituitary gland or the third eye part of the chakra.  And when that happened the person leaving the body can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  That dark tunnel is the canal of the physical gland and the light at the end of that tunnel is the light generated by our own soul or spirit.  As I have mentioned our physical eyes cannot see the manifestation of the etheric light but our own spirit can see it.  The light every person produce differs from one person to another.  And the greatest suppressor of this light which dims it down to the point where you can barely see light being emitted is the various psychological processes that enslaves the psyche of every person.  This is especially true when there is no love or lack of love expression by any given person.  The vibration is what causes the light to produce but when the vibration is low then the light that it produce is also low.  This is why they called the Secret Societies as the Dark Ones, its because they do not produce any light as the light they produced are dimmed by their own suppression of love in their own lives.  If what they have in their consciousness that consumes much of their thinking and action are just evil, then the light of their etheric energy spirit is emitting a very dim light, which is why they were often called the dark ones not because of the color of their skin, instead of the darkness they produce as collective beings.

I have a lot to explain about this topic which will take a lot of time and not appropriate for this article. And so I will add this to one of the series of documentaries I will be producing this year that will expound on the science of etheric spiritual energies including the chakra system.  

You see we are NOT the body that we have.  We are all spirits, an energy source.  We are a soul in progress of spiritual development.  The only thing that DIFFERS from each and everyone of us is the level or progress of our own consciousness.  You can tell the progress of ones spiritual evolution and development by the actions they chose to do.  Spiritual maturity can be seen in our own lives.  If you see people behaving like animals lacking sheer patience, selfishness and etc. their actions reflects the kind of progress they are currently in at their present development.  But eventually TIME and EXPERIENCE from a personal level is the great teacher of us all.  What we know today, the depth of our own present understanding was a direct result of our own awareness or consciousness.   

The amount of people that have awakened is still comparatively short of what is needed.  Their vibration and light they emit from their own soul is unfortunately still dimmed by mental suppression brought by religious belief system.  What we think and believe can have a profound effect to our own etheric energy vibration. Because if you believe in another God and think that you are just a worshipper and a servant of this God then it suppresses and reduces your own vibrational light being emitted.  The consciousness of the worlds populace has not yet reached the right tipping point to trigger the change.  

They (from the Higher realms) are observing our progress here on the surface of the world.  And all it takes for the mass awakening is for everyone to contribute in spreading the word.  Since we cannot rely on the mass media, the light must triumphed and persevere to shine where darkness prevail.  Knowledge and information must be shared to areas of the world or communities where people are still UNINFORMED due to the truth suppression. 

This is the year when I will be producing a lot of videos/documentaries to help bring about the awareness to the sleeping public of the world.  But for now, try to reach out to the people that you know.  Share whatever information you can give.  It does not have to be very complex, a simple thought is fine as it helps to generate the seed of understanding that in time will grow to a better awareness. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Return of Yeshua Ben Joseph/Jesus

Today I would like to talk about the subject of the return of a well known ascended master called as Jesus. His name was actually Yeshua Ben Joseph (Yoseph). But his real soul name was Sananda. The process of incarnation was done to Sananda as they transferred his soul or spirit to a fetus that will be born into a Jewish family and became as Yeshua Ben Yoseph. His soul was originating from a hovering mothership called New Jerusalem. The name Jesus was added to him long after he left the world at least a few hundred years after he left back to the New Jerusalem (Heaven).

Sananda/Jesus and the Prime Creator will broadcast to the world the Galactic Disclosure. The intended timing for disclosure is before the end of this fiscal year. As you may have already known that the end of the age has already commenced. It is actually already overdue. And this was because of several factors that needs to be considered including preparation for the transition as well as setting up the events that will lead up to the mass arrest of the bad guys, new republic, RV, GCR, Nesara, Gesara and etc. All these things needed a very well coordinated effort to come into fruition. Much work behind the scenes have been done both by lightworkers, ascended masters who were working with key people, white hats and by the galactic themselves (cloaked) who provided protection to all the people or beings that are involved in making this transition a reality.

In the bible, you may have noticed the words mentioned by Sananda/Jesus referring to the beginning. The beginning (Pre-Genesis) was about the start of the experiment that was done on the surface of the Earth conducted by all the members of the Galactic Federation of Light. And Sananda was chosen and assigned by the Prime Creator to lead in managing the experiment. The experiment was about trying to find out if its possible for all living things to thrive and live on a surface of the planet, as this subject have never been tried before in any part of the universe. All planets in the cosmos have their civilizations reside inside of the interiors of their planet and not outside. And Earth was the chosen planet to do this kind of experiment. Unfortunately, the notorious bad actors from non galactic member planets came to Earth and sabotage the experiment and invaded the world. If you recall in the bible there was a parable given by Sananda/Jesus about the tares that were planted by the evil ones in the field of the world. And he said that they should just wait and not uproot the evil ones from the wheat otherwise they will also uproot the good ones. And so it is better for them to wait until it is already the end of the age before they do the segregation.

The Prime Creator due to his patience and mercy have allowed the intruders to reign on Earth but only until the end of the age of pisces. That means the Galactics will have to step aside and wait until it is time for them to do the divine intervention on the surface of the world. This also means that the evil invaders were able to infiltrate the world and establish the kind of order they wanted the world to become. To establish total control of the world: Capitalism, Religion and the style of government were patterned based on their ideals and not of the Galactic Federation style of community family type of organization. And this is why religion is their number one tool for deception as they can condition the mental upbringing of people into utter submission while ushering lack and scarcity to the worlds populace. The bible therefore have become probing ground for editing. Since the evil invaders have the total control over the world, they have the chance to edit the contents of the bible to insert ideas, stories, words that will turn the table in favor of them. And that is why theres a lot of lies added to the bible, which means its credibility, reliability is questionable. In other words, the bible in its current state is not trustworthy. It was edited back in the second and third century AD. The original first century scriptures was written in Aramaic and not Greek. The copy of the bible we have today was the one derived after it was already edited and translated in Greek from Aramaic. And a lot of magic words and fancy stories were added to the scriptures when they burned the original first century copies and then substituted it with the edited Greek translated third century copies.

By now, the end of the age is already a done deal, and so they will not allow another time extension in favor of the invading forces. This means, it is high time for the return of Sananda/Jesus. They will now have to step into the world scene and picked up where they left off. They will now resume in establishing order into this world. And Sananda has the authority to do this leadership. And that is why he and the Prime Creator will lead in the Galactic Disclosure broadcast that will be seen and heard by practically everyone on Earth.

Take note, as Jesus indicated in the bible that they - referring to the Galactics will come down and separate the evil people from the vast majority of the people of this world. No earthly weapons will work as they will activate the zero point technology that were already established in hidden areas on top of all the mountains of the world. This technology can cancel any forward motion of any weapons, bullets, rockets, missiles and etc. As Jesus said: ''then the stars (galactic ships) will fall from the sky, and the sign will be seen in the sky. The sign in the sky is referring to the uncloaking of the hovering motherships as it will eventually be seen globally because the Galactics are finally are resuming control of the world.

Does this mean Jesus/Sananda will touch down to return to Israel? As of now, the cabal influence of Israel is still very high. But so is the United States and Europe. The Galactics headed by Sananda will first concentrate to the rest of the world particularly the United States. And this is why a lot of concentrated efforts have been done to the US as the Galactics are helping in cleaning up America from the mess they have become due to the cabal influence in that part of the world. They are working with President Trump to do the major clean sweep operation to cleanse the United States to be free from the presence of the evil scallawags. Trump calls this as Drain the Swamp. And partly this is the reason why for the delay of the RV. The RV is already activated for quite sometime, but the only thing that is being withheld is the toll free number to begin the public appointments. They are just being cautious because the RV is DIVINELY intended for the lightworkers ONLY and not for the bad guys and bad actors. They want to make sure that this blessing falls into the hands of the intended people whose hearts are for their own people as well as and not hoard the blessings only to themselves. You see our earthly telephone communication technology is very primitive by Galactic standards as its easy to be manipulated and interfered with. They want to make sure that when the public starts to call the toll free number that it will not be prone to attacks and or electronic jamming, relay and interferance. In other words, they want to make sure that the bad guys will not interfere with your blessings from heaven, so that when you do make the call for an exchange appointment you wont be transferred to a pizza restaurant customer service, instead it should be direct to the call centers of bank representatives. Because the cabal can play with any phoneline of anywhere on earth; as their technology is secretly slightly ahead of what we know in existence.

Will this be the second coming of Jesus? No, Sananda/Jesus have actually returned to Earth several times already in the past. Its just that there was no need to make a grand presentation about it as the world at the time has not yet fully reached the end of the age.

It is very likely that Jesus/Sananda will land first in North America and not in the middle east. And this will take place possibly sometime next year - 2018. But first Galactic Disclosure will have to happen first and foremost. Sananda/Jesus along with some ascended Masters will do some lectures to correct the current misconceptions that created immense misunderstanding amongst the people of the world for a long time particularly in the field of religious belief system. Just like what I have been doing all along, they will also sort out which contents of the bible is true from the false.

I also have to address the actual look of Sananda/Jesus. The real look of Yeshua is very similar to the image you see pictured in this article. The image of Jesus that we have known for thousands of years are not the real picture of Yeshua/Jesus. Since they brought the story of Jesus into the world they felt it is better to change his name, birthdate, and physical look into something else. From Yeshua they changed it to Jesus. From April, they changed it to December as the month of his birth. From a more semitic/middle eastern looking man, they changed it to look more like a southern Italian man to gain acceptance of the western world. And so, the picture or image of Jesus that we have known for ages is not the exact look of Yeshua/Jesus.

This same Yeshua/Jesus will return to the world. As you may have already known from my previous articles that our physical body is not the real person. We are not our body. Because the body is like a temporary vessel or temporary clothes that we wear. The real us is the person or soul INSIDE the body. We are temporarily housed inside the physical body that we currently have. Most of the time, it was the role of the New Jerusalem (Heaven) to assign/transfer a soul from one body to another for soul development here on the surface of the world. The body of Yeshua even though its been two thousand years ago it was preserved on a stassis like chamber, stored until such time when Sananda shall wear once again the physical being that the world have known as Yeshua Ben Joseph to once again come back and resume office into this world. This means, the exact Yeshua will be coming back on Earth; as Sananda will once again take the role of leadership assigned to him by his father, the Prime Creator.

As far as location is concerned. I think Sananda/Jesus will stay more in the western part of North America such as: Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, Vancouver and etc. He will visit these locations along with a team to give lectures/seminars to set things right and correct the religious teachings that people embraced for a very long time. The number of people in the world who are professing christians are in the billions. Those number of people should somehow learn the truth from the lies and deception that they have grown accustomed with.

And I too am being urged in the spirit to join them and assist. And so, sometime next year I will visit the States and setup a company and build a business that will bring people to the Hollow Earth via a Cruise Ship for a visit. 2018 seems to be the year for all of this to happen and so exciting times are ahead.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Update About the Galactics and the Neptune

For those who were asking about the ship, it is called Neptune.  And they decided to cloak again the ship to make it invisible.  But it is currently doing observation of everyone on the surface of the world including the bad guys.  The walls of the ship is capable of projecting the images of everything on the ground and below the ground with great details.  It can zoom in and out of the areas of focus for observation.  

They are not static in one place, they are in motion, flying and scanning the world.

In addition to the passengers I have mentioned previously, Archangel Michael and Gabriel are also on board the ship.

There's a way to see it even when cloak.  You will notice an area in the sky where there are no stars on it like a blank patch.  But everything around it has stars.  This means the ship while cloak is blocking the sky as it moves.  If you are lucky, you will even see a bunch of small scout ships (UFOs) going in and out of that thing.

Also, if you have Military grade night vision goggles, use it to see what you cannot see with the naked eye.  You will be surprised to see that there are a lot of flying objects called UFOs moving in the sky.

Another way is to use the lake or a small river to see the reflection of the stars in the sky at night.  If you see a star or stars being reflected on the surface of the lake then that is a Galactic ship.  Because stars that are far out in the universe or galaxy Cannot have reflection on the water but only nearby or those around orbiting the solar system.

The Cabal and the Illuminati cannot shoot it down as they have the means to know the future that alerts them far in advance. Plus, they can glide to higher dimensions and back to lower dimension in a matter of seconds.

Remember what was said by Jesus/Sananda in the bible that in the end of the age they will segregate those who belong to the light and those who belong to the evil group who refuse to relent and return to the light.  We are already reaching that period.  They know who are the faithful minions of the Cabal from the great masses of people of the world.

I have good news for those who were hoping for the RV to happen, that you have been heard.  Rest assured that they will respond to your collective intentions to manifest the RV and the GCR.  Your collective positive thoughts have created a ripple effect to the etheric world. And they could not help but respond and allow it to happen along with their added push to manifest it.  So do not be dismayed, instead continue with what you have done.  If you can encourage others to do the same then do so. The more the better.  The bigger the commotion that creates the ripple the better is the response.  As the universe will have to respond to your collective positive thoughts creations recognizing each and everyone of you as part of the Creator who finally realized that they are God's and Goddesses.

Right now it's just a matter of timing and safety. But it is very likely to happen before the end of this year.  The RV first then followed by galactic disclosure.

Ignore the words Project  Blue Beam.  This is real Galactic presence and in the skies of San Diego area.  This type of Galactic light ship was also seen in the skies of China a few years ago.  And now they are in the states.